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Tell about the core of the service and upload an atmospherical photo to attract your clients.
Tell about the core of the service and upload an atmospherical photo to attract your clients.
Landing pages
We create landing pages for products and services, simple and effective, mobile adapted.
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Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
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For more information about our services you can connect us by phone: +1 123 456 78 90
An official, technical, legal, medical, financial, business documents, website translations, certified translations.
Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered and telephone interpreting for any kind of event.
Proofreading and editing
Сorrection errors in translation, mistranslation, typographical mistakes or excessively literal translation.
Rewriting and copywriting
Adapting texts and documents to a brand new market and readership, choosing a suitable writing style.
Audio transcription
Conversion of speech (from an audio or video source file) into an electronic text document.
Multilingual subtitles
Transcribing the voice-over and the titles in the video. A synchronization of the subtitles and the video.
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We assist and support our clients to develop their business fast and successfully
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How to be creative
Though creativity cannot be taught, it can certainly be nurtured. Find a routine that works for you. Routines can be positive if they reinforce a healthy, creative mindset; they can be counterproductive if they actually keep you from being creative. While breaking your routine once in a while to force new ways of thinking is good, what if growing/learning/experiencing new things was built into your routine as a given? The people who speak negatively about routine have probably not developed a routine that puts them on a path of internal growth. The key is to discover creative rituals that put you in a more creative mindset
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